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Alpacha Pressing Pads 13.5

Manufacturer #:ALPACA135

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Alpaca fibre is a luxury product and we so appreciate that YOU appreciate quality.  For anyone who is sensitive to wool or finds the fragrance of wool combined with high heat a problem, Providence Lane Homestead's Pressing Pad is a great alternative!
Pressing Pad Care:
  • Alpaca fiber is even better than wool at wicking up moisture.  While this is a desirable property, it is ESSENTIAL that you allow your pressing pad to dry thoroughly after use.  Please do not let it sit on your ironing board. A cooling rack is a great way to ensure adequate drying.
  • If you use glue or other kinds of topical treatments and spray starches, or pick up a stain you would like to remove, use tepid water, mild detergent (Unicorn brand is excellent.  Blue dawn original formula will also work.) and blot gently.  Don't put it in the washing machine - this is a felt, so high temps, agitation and strong detergents together will cause warping of the pad and breakdown the structure of the fibres.
  • Rather than using the steam setting on your iron, we recommend you instead mist your fabric and then press using a dry iron.

Products are made in Alberta!  Check them out on facebook @ Providence Lane Homestead

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